Tarrant County Master Gardener Association
How to Become a Tarrant County Master Gardener
Tarrant County Master Gardener Mission:
To provide horticultural and environmental research-based information and techniques. To volunteer in area horticulture projects.
What are Texas Master Gardeners?
Master Gardeners are members of the local community who take an active interest in their lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens. They are enthusiastic, willing to learn and to help others, and able to communicate with diverse groups of people. What really sets Master Gardeners apart from other home gardeners is their special training in horticulture. In exchange for their training, persons who become Master Gardeners contribute time as volunteers, working through their Extension office to provide horticultural-related information to their communities.
Is the Master Gardener Program for Me?
To help you decide if you should apply to be a Master Gardener, ask yourself these questions: If you answered yes to these questions, the Master Gardener program could be for you. Contact your local Extension Office to see if there is a Master Gardener program in your county, not all counties have one. If there is a program, obtain an application from the Master Gardener Coordinator at the office.
Volunteer Commitment
In exchange for training, participants are asked to volunteer time to their County Extension program. At least 50 hours of volunteer service within one year following the training is required to earn the title of “Texas Master Gardener. The type of service done by Master Gardeners varies according to community needs, and the abilities and interests of the Master Gardeners. Some Master Gardeners answer telephone requests for information related to gardening. Others staff plant clinics or displays in shopping malls or community centers. Master Gardeners may speak to local groups and conduct workshops. They may help establish community garden projects, work with 4-H youth, or assist their agent with news or radio releases related to gardening. The Master gardener Coordinator in the County Extension office decides how volunteer time can be best utilized.

Master Gardeners are representatives of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas A&M System. In all volunteer work related to the program, Master Gardeners follow the research-based recommendations of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The title Texas Master Gardener can be used by volunteers only when engaged in Extension-sponsored activities.
How To Contact Us
If you have a gardening related question or questions about becoming a Master Gardener call the Master Gardener Hotline at 817-884-1944 or email your question to
You may also contact our Extension Agent using the information below to discuss becoming a Tarrant County Master Gardener:

Extension Agent: Steve Chaney
AgriLife Extension Tarrant County
200 Taylor, Suite 500, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0123

Ph: 817-884-1945
Fx: 817-884-1941
Participants become certified Master Gardeners after they have completed the training course and fulfilled their volunteer commitment.
For More Information
Application forms and additional information are available from the Tarrant County extension office at 817-884-1945.