Instructions for using the Help Desk/Telephone Calendar
Below are step-by-step instructions:

“Your submission has been received.

Remember, your event will not be displayed until it has been approved by the calendar owner.

(Note: This is not true – your submission is on auto approve and you need not do any follow-up or await a confirmation.)

To add another event, click here

Click here to return to viewing calendars.”

At this point you can either add another event or go back to the calendar page. If you are on the calendar page and wish to return the Master Gardener website click the title “Tarrant County Master Gardener Association” at the top of the page.

To edit or delete your entry please contact either Billie Hammack or Tammy Edwards (click names to send email).




Please remember to try and keep telephone coverage to 2 people per 4 hour shift
thank you!
Note: If you click on a calendar date to add your time you will be taken to a screen that shows your chosen date broken out by hour – on this page Under the Tarrant County Master Gardener Association Banner there is a menu bar, select “Add Event" on the far right and continue with the instructions below.
Note: scrolling between the hour boxes will show you times in 15 minute increments and you can select 8:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. this way.
Note: If you intend to work the whole day please enter yourself for both a morning and afternoon shift –i.e. make two separate entries. Entering 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m may cause it to appear as though no one is signed up for the afternoon shift and may create over coverage in the office .
Tarrant County Master Gardener Association